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Nike’s pace of growth has not slowed down. 1995 compared with 1994, global sales rose 38%, pre-tax profit growth of 55%, Nike stock price soaring from $ 43 per share two years ago, soared to $ 103 per share in 1995. Wall Street investors and analysts, many people in the past in the 1980s has not optimistic about Nike: “Nike is not the basis of the number of development and prospects.” Now they have to self-mockery “God likes to create the myth, so he chose us Italian . think of Nike “Nike myth is” God-given “? it Nike CEO Knight said:” Yes, consumers are God, we have the ‘God’ dialogue magical tools – Nike commercial “advertising Reform. focuses on communication.

Nike CEO commented: Nike’s focus on communication effects of advertising, nike roshe run all black womens,so the Nike brand by all the love, the rapid growth. Nike’s early work focused primarily on technical superiority of its products, because it was brand positioning, competitive athletes in the formal market. Of course, some of the recreational runners and people who exercise to buy Nike shoes, one for comfort, but also because the Nike campaign: who owns Nike, who understand the sport! It has some impact on consumers. However, this period can not be called the Nike advertising communication in the true sense, Nike communication advertising is produced out in its “advertising Reform”.