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In addition to developing a unique golf, Nike Golf’s new technology also allows the step of production is reduced. Compared with rubber ball core stability ball core resin pellets production also increased by 54%. 20XI golf available from the following time starts. Nike’s stock trading into a new phase on October 26 news yesterday, Nike transaction price up to $ 95.93, the lowest was $ 94.12. nike roshe run amazon uk,Yesterday, the highest price broke through the three days of 330 million shares trading volume peak price of $ 94.35. According to statistics, nearly 30 days, Nike’s stock trading were between $ 90.69 and $ 94.35 fluctuate, and on the 30th the average daily trading volume of 340 million shares trading Throughout the range, Nike has been a new high at $ 94.35, and shoes and accessories to the trend of textile industry development.

Nike Access a Amoy “One Account” Recently, the world’s largest sports brand Nike (Nike) ‘s B2C website officially and the largest shopping search engine a Amoy network reached a cooperation, access to a scouring network “one account” service, atomic pink roshe run uk,Consumers search for a scouring net to Nike product, can be used directly or Taobao Alipay account login and purchase including sports shoes, clothing, sporting goods, including more than 1400 items from Nike’s official website.

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Within a few years, Charles Knight and Nike certainly did not disappoint investors eagerly looked forward to. On the one hand, because accurate anticipation, Charlie led Nike successfully escaped the subprime crisis sweeps you see, even if Nike is not an official sponsor of the Beijing Olympics, but Nike signed sponsored 22 Chinese national team is still a lot of people seem to think Nike It is the winner. On the contrary, the IOC and the Beijing Olympic Games, “double” the official sponsor Adidas, but immediately after the Olympic Games into a huge amount of inventory crisis.

On the other hand, Nike’s Greater China business world, especially the still rapid, strong growth. Nike’s sales in the country ranked only the top spot in the industry, and its occupation of China King, after a second-tier cities, from the eastern coastal cities to expand to three or four lines of “deep west” has been launched. Nike “west”, for Nike’s domestic competitors, is enormous pressure and challenges. A four-year cycle, in the 2012 London Olympics approaching, the average annual increase of about 20 percent of Nike remains sound, but many domestic brands have begun to slow-moving, part Jinjiang sporting goods companies have even begun to adjust a large number of closed shop.
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