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From the 2014 World Cup in Brazil’s much-anticipated first color, to make people scream again and again What The Superfly, Nike Mercurial Superfly IV has released more than 15 colors, including four CR7 exclusive color and special limited edition models . Ronaldo’s legendary Relay – Interview with Max Blau: On the occasion of a new wave of innovation and technology Nike soccer shoes struck the occasion, we held in Milan “speed science” campaign interview with vice president of Nike football shoes Max Blau before the Champions League final started, and he talked about the Mercurial Superfly V and R9 CR7 there such a legend. Over the years, Mercurial products Nike soccer shoes has grown into what position? “I think the series has not only Nike soccer shoes in a key product, but the entire Nike sneakers in the key. Over the years, Mercurial soccer shoes have not only a model, but also the entire footwear industry benchmarking. for internal Nike Mercurial birth of each new generation all have high expectations, which gives us a lot of pressure and power, because we know that shoulder the burden, after all, we penned the products already exist on the market up to 20 years old.

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Benefit from these technologies, Nike’s “lightweight” was also known. “The traditional problem of the industry is to develop a variety of physiological functions and endurance, and Nike is about the future of R & D projects sensory perception, namely to understand people like the product characteristics, and its assessment of cognitive psychology.” NIKE sports development Laboratory Director Matthew Naples (Matthew Nurse) on the “Global Entrepreneur” said. Top athletes is its focus on an object, such as former world tennis champion John McEnroe (John McEnroe), Jimmy Connors (Jimmy Connors), Mary Fernandez (Mary Joe Fernandez), who repeatedly visited Nike sports laboratory, experimenters found that the top players when serving huge impact toe, toe badly worn, was finally developed after a thousand times can rotate without being worn and new materials.

Another research is a tight, high-tech golf clothing made of breathable material to improve athletes. One of the advantages such as Tiger Woods is shapely. Nike Golf Global Creative designer Rebecca Kaufman (Rebecca Kaufman) persuaded Woods to medium oversized shirt, and 1.5 inches shorter sleeves, so that the ball does not hit the elbow sleeves, final reduce the error rate hitting.