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After all, he is a cool play for the professions – in 1979, he joined Nike as a footwear designer, working is 30 years, including a visible air cushion (Visible Air) technology that he invented. Virtue, Nike able to turn things around at low tide phase mid-1980s. Global Entrepreneur reporter had an exclusive visit Nike headquarters in late October day,nike free run roshe camo, we would like to know the history of Nike has suffered several setbacks, but why can still re-hwan magic. In the Chinese market until 2007, the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturer with only 26 years to achieve the $ 1 billion in sales; in a fiscal year just past, China has become the world’s second largest market for Nike, camp received over 2.06 billion US dollars – the doubling in just four years.

Appetite is not limited to this, his next goal is to double again in 2015, this 2010 global revenues of more than the Puma. This is a enough to make Nike China apprentices envy of transcripts (Nike, everyone take things sports-related analogy). After several years of expansion after the amazing Nike’s followers almost invariably slid morass – Li Ning (2331.HK), China Dongxiang (3818.HK) net profit in the first half of this year fell 50% and 71%, respectively, by shrinking profits,nike roshe run vs free run, sales slowed down, drag product backlog, Li Ning shares fell more than 60%; and high inventory risks since 2008, is now also afflicts Anta (2020.HK), Peak (1968.HK), Xtep ( 1368.HK) and 361 degrees (1361.HK) and so on.

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Supreme among them men, both engineers, there are scientists who or from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), or from Apple (Apple). Heavily guarded building, non-disclosure: If a visitor allowed to enter, but he stared at a computer screen for longer time during a visit,roshe run outlet, soon there was a public relations officer jumped out to block his line of sight. So strictly confidential programs and special channel safety monitoring technology was just the tip of running shoes can enjoy the benefits: For example, discovered a new type of polyurethane foam blowing, or in the cushion technology has made other breakthroughs. But we say this lab employees are not in the manufacturing of shoes, clothes.

They are quietly waging a marketing revolution. This building is the “Nike digital sports” (Nike Digital Sport) location. It is the department in 2010, Nike’s newly established. On one level, roshe run women sale,the department’s goal is to develop a variety of equipment and technology to help users monitor individual relevant statistical data at the time to participate in sports. The department’s most well-known product is the Nike + running sensor. The jointly developed with Apple’s products can monitor jogger in sports performance, soon available on the subject blitz. Now, there are 500 million people take advantage of this tool to check their state of motion. Last month, the “digital movement” section introduced the first heavyweight successor – monitoring the energy output of the “fuel wristband” (FuelBand).