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Depth analysis of the new generation of nike roshe run football shoes yesterday, C Ronaldo in training unexpectedly put blackened camouflage whole new generation of nike roshe run football shoes. From the exterior, the new shoes, not only with a new Flyweave upper, more dynamic new design fitting collar, as well as with the current external nike roshe run completely different outsole. At yesterday’s training session, Real Madrid, C Luo became the first of a new generation camouflage wearing blacked nike roshe run debut player. Spread out from the current series of photographs, we can see that all the previous conjecture has been confirmed. In June this year, we have made a bold assumption that nike roshe run will introduce revolutionary Nike Flyweave technology in the next generation of ultra-top football shoes, and revealed details from yesterday’s photo, we can easily see shoes the new surface texture is in line with our forecast. In 2014, nike roshe run first revolutionary technology used in basketball shoes. Then the launch of nike roshe run XX9 basketball shoes, in fact, the first high-performance woven material Flyweave technology shoes, but until June 2015,nike roshe run was officially Recommend a Flyweave technology.